Running a business is tough, but you don’t have to do it alone

Flexible online courses to help you grow

Whether you're in the early stages or right in the thick of it, I'm ready to help.

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs in the home design world get their businesses off the ground and sharpen their skills with online courses, tools, and strategies. Let’s bring your dreams to life - I’m excited to see you succeed!



How To Launch An E-Design Business

This signature course is your all-in-one, go-to guide to getting your online interior design business up and running ASAP. If you're feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to begin, I'm ready to help. You’ll define your business model, figure who your ideal clients are, start marketing your services, learn how to run a client project with the right tools, and so much more!

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Processes, Tools, & Workflows

Get the scoop on how to take an e-design project from start to finish. This targeted course breaks down the tools and tech, and helps you put it all together into a system that works well for you and your clients. (Note: this material is included in How To Launch An E-Design Business!)

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How To Shoot Interiors

Beautiful images are everything when it comes interior design. In this course, you’ll learn all the skills you need to shoot portfolio-worthy photos with a DSLR camera. Save the cost of hiring a pro and create content you’re proud of for your website, Instagram, and more.

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Hey there! I’m Chaney. Here’s a little bit of my story…

A couple of years after starting my e-design business, Mix & Match Design Company, a steady stream of emails and DMs starting coming my way asking how I did it. What they wanted to know was how I started a successful online interior design company and if I could help them get started too. After lots of coffees and phone conversations sharing tips and advice, I realized that there weren’t any resources out there to show folks how to launch their own businesses in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way, so I decided to do something about that!

I pulled together everything I knew about starting an e-design company into my first course called How To Launch An E-Design Business. It’s what I wish I had when I was getting started back in 2015, and I’m thrilled that it has now helped over 100 students start their businesses.

The Education side of Mix & Match Design Company has now expanded to offer online courses in the business of e-design as well as interior photography. They’re here to help you get started and grow your skills so you can build an amazing business for yourself.



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“I learned so much from the course that within three weeks I had my new business up and running and my first client just a few days later. Thank you for all the valuable information!” - Angela

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“This course was invaluable to my partner and me as we went about creating our own edesign business. Chaney is an incredibly clear instructor with well-organized modules. Somehow she manages to hit that sweet spot between offering enough information to empower you to get started on your own, while at the same time not inundating you with facts and tasks that leave you feeling overwhelmed and frozen! Having been a teacher for 10 years myself, I can confidently say Chaney is a top notch instructor.” - Jen