Want to know what taking a course can do for you?

Here’s what my students have to say about them…


"Chaney's course has helped me get my systems and procedures lined up so that I can start my E-design business on the right foot. Now I know exactly which programs to use to give my clients a streamlined experience and eliminate a time-consuming learning curve for me."

— Adrienne


"I went through the entire course and it was exactly what I was looking for! I can’t thank you enough. Clearly you make a habit of providing immense value!"

— Mary

“I learned so much from the course that within three weeks I had my new business up and running and my first client just a few days later. Thank you for all the valuable information!”

— Angela


“This course was invaluable to my partner and me as we went about creating our own edesign business. Chaney is an incredibly clear instructor with well-organized modules. Somehow she manages to hit that sweet spot between offering enough information to empower you to get started on your own, while at the same time not inundating you with facts and tasks that leave you feeling overwhelmed and frozen! Having been a teacher for 10 years myself, I can confidently say Chaney is a top notch instructor.”

— Jen